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Welcome to Detour Restaurant, where our dedication to inclusive culinary experiences and sustainability sets us apart in the Brisbane dining scene. Since our inception in 2017, we've been committed to offering not just meals, but moments that embrace the diversity of dietary needs and the importance of environmental consciousness. Our journey is not just about creating unforgettable dishes but about fostering a sustainable future through mindful dining practices.


Menu Design and Suppliers

At Detour, our menu is split into Omnivore and Herbivore dishes. The herbivore dishes are entirely plant-based and represent about half of the menu promoting a more sustainable and environmentally friendly menu. This also helps us to promote inclusive dining with dietary requirements considered in menu design. Most dishes are gluten-free and plant-based options cover a variety of dietary requirements including dairy-free.

Detour seeks out suppliers with a focus on local ingredients and sustainability. Here are some of the
suppliers we work with:

Pollinating Change

Free Range Pork

(Antibiotic and Hormone Free)

Something Clawsome

Certified B Coporation

Biodynamic and

Carbon Neutral Winery

Australian Made With

Natural Ingredients

Certified B Corporation

Waste Reduction and Management

Our menu design and cooking methods minimise food waste within our operations, remaining food waste is commercially composted (along with the compostable cling wrap we use).


We reuse wine bottles for filtered still water, and sparkling water. Packaging (i.e. cardboard and Styrofoam boxes) is returned to suppliers for reuse where possible. We are working with suppliers to further reduce packaging with initiatives like purchasing some spirits and coffee in bulk containers that are returned to suppliers for reuse.

We recycle glass, paper and plastics (where possible) but know that we need to keep working on reducing soft plastics in particular.

Restaurant Design

Although it was a while ago now, sustainability was considered when building the restaurant. We installed energy-efficient lighting, used recycled timber in the tables and bench tops and most equipment was purchased second-hand and reconditioned.


Community Engagement

Detour is a proud 4ZZZ subscriber and we regularly donate gift vouchers to local schools. Our menu design, discussed above, seeks to support our community by providing a venue for friends and family to share a meal that caters for everyone’s dietary needs.


Detour is a family-owned business and the staff are a part of the Detour family. Our operating hours are designed to ensure our staff can have a work-life balance and provide flexibility for those with caring responsibilities so they can have a fulfilling family life outside of work too.

Climate Change

We recognise that everyone has a role to play in reducing emissions to attempt to limit the effects of climate change. We engaged with Sumday, a carbon accounting platform, to calculate our emissions to understand our carbon footprint. Our Carbon Footprint for the year ended 30 June 2023 was 355 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2-e), a breakdown is provided below. We are looking at options to reduce our carbon footprint, including, investigating alternate energy suppliers to reduce emissions from electricity (Scope 2). 78% of our emissions are generated in our supply chain (Scope 3) and calculated using industry averages. We will work with Sumday to engage with our suppliers to encourage them to calculate and reduce their carbon footprint and improve the accuracy of our calculation.

Carbon Footprint
More Work To Do

Sustainability is a journey, and we recognise there is much more work to do and it encompasses so much more. We have included some areas where we know there are improvements to be made and acknowledge we have other impacts and areas for improvements, like water usage and diversity, that have not been addressed above. As a small business with limited resources, we balance the implementation of sustainability initiatives with maintenance of the economic sustainability of our business and do not claim to be a ‘sustainable business’. These are just some of the things we do that we hope make a small contribution to having a positive impact on the society we operate in while reducing the impact our business has on the planet.

Contact Us To Reserve Your Table

Visit us at 6/11 Logan Road, Woolloongabba, Brisbane, QLD 4102. 

Reserve A Table: Click here to reserve your table with us.

Lunch Hours: Friday & Saturday 12pm-3pm
Dinner Hours: Tuesday - Thursday 5pm-10pm, Friday - Saturday 12pm-11pm

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